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Our physical movement patterns effects how we feel, work, play, and enjoy our lives. K Training is designed to be functionally intuitive and will strengthen one’s ability to perform better in the daily activities of life. Our clients include active mothers, students, fitness enthusiasts, and professional athletes. Training sessions are fun and results driven each and every visit. K Training is personal or group training performed on our K Stations within specialized studios. Exercise movements found in a wide variety of sports, core training, Pilates, and yoga are combined into sessions that simultaneously provide both cardiovascular and strength training conditioning. You will improve your balance, core stability, strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular conditioning all in one highly efficient and motivational workout.

K Training™ Group is unique in that participants at all fitness levels take part in the class simultaneously without fear of performance. Cable resistance is adapted individually for each user so athletes and the lay person alike benefit immensely from our tailored system.
K Training™ Personal sessions are conducted with a trainer or with reservation of a K Station for Members who have already taken the required introductory sessions. 

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